Zoomer Show Pony Review

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Zoomer Show Pony Review -- Bring home the fun of owning a real pony without all the commitments this holiday season with the Zoomer Show Pony. This interactive toy pony has all the moves of a real animal (and some fun ones that aren't real) that provides hours of fun for your children.

Zoomer Show Pony

Watch Zoomer as she sings, dances, and moves around the room. Feed her with the apple included in the box when she's hungry. Listen to her chomp and chew when you place the food against her mouth. Just like a real horse, she will need some food to keep her energy flowing!

Training with Zoomer Show Pony is also a delight for children. Use the carrot to make sure she learns her tricks and is ready for her performances. She will play music and dance during the training sessions.

When you like her grand performance, you can give her a delicious sugar cube as a treat. Listen to her lick up the sugary goodness. If she gets a little too hyper from the sugar, she may perform her special sugar dance for you.

Zoomer Show Pony's bright pink hair is ready for you to style for her big performance. Get creative during the grooming using the included brush accessory. Give her mane the beautiful style your pony deserves for her show.

Zoomer Show Pony's bright pink hair

Just like real ponies, Zoomer Show Pony needs love and affection. Pet her nose to feel her affectionately nuzzle against your hand. She will also shake her mane and prance around realistically. When you want Zoomer to follow you, wave your hand in front of her face and here she comes!

The included cheat sheet makes it easy for your child to learn how to interact with Zoomer. This paper tells you what her various sounds and motions mean. There's no guessing what your pony wants when you have this handy guide!

Zoomer - Show Pony with Lights, Sounds and Interactive Movement

Zoomer requires four AA batteries that are not included in her box. She is perfect for children ages 5 and up who want a pony of their own. This is a good first step in showing kids how to train and care for a pony -- or any pet, for that matter!

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