WowWee Untamed T-Rex Review

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WowWee Untamed T-Tex

WowWee Untamed T-Tex Review -- Wondering what to get your boy this year? We have come to your rescue! The WowWee Untamed T-Tex is a brilliant gift for parents who want to put a huge smile on their boy's face. Modeled after the king of dinosaurs i.e. tyrannosaurus, this is a toy that will capture the heart of action-loving children.

These are fierce finger-gripping dinosaurs that are very interactive. They will chomp, hiss and roar when your child is playing with them in the untamed mode. Kids can also switch up the modes to tame mode where the T-Rex figures will only purr and nuzzle.

Features of the Untamed T-Rex

The interactive tech in the toys will blow off your mind. They come with more than 40 animation reactions and sound that is programmed in the figures. Your tot will have a blast spending time with them as he pets or taps their heads, or noses to get different replies. These include roars, growls, hisses, and warning calls.

Shaking the "pet" gets them really chomped while pressing and holding the back of their heads sets them on a full-on roar attack mode.

Untamed T-Rex

It is not all the time that they are fierce and in attack mode. Petting the dinosaur staring at the tip of the nose and finishing at the back of the head will calm them down. You can even let them lay on your hands when they need to rest for a quick snooze.

They also have plenty of surprises under their sleeve. Press and hold the two senses together and the results will have the user rolling on the floor with laughter thanks to the gross dino gas. The ferocious T-rex also greets the owner with unique greeting call each time he is powered on.

The Good Points

  • They are pretty small toys that your child can take anywhere - The dinosaurs have different modes that your kid can play around with depending on the mood they are in. - The dinosaur toys are really fun with their grippy claws and snapping jaws. They respond to sound, touch, and motion stimuli something that is bound to grab the attention of the users. - They are affordable and available for collection for kids who want them in different colors. - The tiny dinos come with batteries and most will agree that they are incredibly loyal never leaving your side.
WowWee Untamed T-Rex Review

Things to Consider

Your precious one may force you to get the entire collection because one may not be enough to give them the pleasure they need. For this reason, you should be prepared to spend some more cash on different colored T-Rex fingerlings to become the best mum or dad in the whole world.


WowWee the Robotic toy marketer has definitely outdone themselves with the creation of the Untamed T-Rex figures. Even though they are still new in the market, they are fast becoming the most-sought-after toys for boys. The finger hugging creatures whose modes range from tame purring to untamed roaring will definitely add immense joy to any household. They are perfect for ages 5-15.

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