The Incredibles 2 Jack-Jack Attacks Doll Review

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The Incredibles 2 Jack

The Incredibles Jack Jack plush is just what kids need to set their moods at a high. This is especially if your munchkin is a fan of the Incredibles. The plush figure that comes accompanied by a Raccon is full of pleasant surprises. Your child will not know what to expect from him. One second he can be an adorable little fella while the next he is spontaneously shooting and combusting lasers straight from his eyes.

Jack-Jack features melodious sounds as well as lights that make him the cutest and most interesting boy. It rates very highly when compared with all the other toys that are inspired by the Incredibles franchise.

Features of The Incredibles 2 Jack-Jack Attacks Doll

The toy features an extremely soft body, molded hands, and head, as well as rooted hair. Children enjoy a wide variety of play modes with Jack-Jack much to their delight. Pressing on his tummy one time will release a giggling and laughing sound that fills the room with joy. Doing this repeatedly will result in Jack cycling through all his powers in an exceptional manner. Get to exploit his superpowers by pressing and holding his tummy.

The raccon is not just an irrelevant addition to the collection because it also plays its essential role. Owners of Jack-Jack get an opportunity to set up a fight between him and the raccon. It is the classic battle where Jack takes on the invader. All the child has to do is press and hold Jack-Jack's belly and he will instantly convert into his ultimate power mode activating all sounds, lights, and colors.

The Incredibles 2 Jack-Jack Attacks Plush-Figure Features Lights & Sounds

The Good Points

There is so much to rave about when talking about this jack jack incredible doll. The things that make it an excellent product include:

  • The doll is durable, soft, easy, and fun to use. Kids can even snuggle with the toy when sleeping. - Jack-Jack makes super cute noises that mesmerize users. His eyes and face light up between different colors yellow, blue, and red. - His outfit is removable which means that it can be washed so that he always looks his best at all times. - The doll sits on his own; thus, kids do not have to hold them all the time especially when they do not want to. - It is reasonably sized, which means that children can play with it without feeling uncomfortable. The legs and arms are also moveable which heightens the fun experience making it a worthwhile investment.
The Incredibles 2 Jack-Jack Attacks Doll

Things to Consider

It may not be advisable to get the doll for a child who is less than three years because there are some small parts that they can accidentally chock on.


Jack-Jack definitely makes it on the list of the hottest toys for boys 2018. The poly morph will amaze your young one with numerous hidden super abilities. Multiple play mode, piercing laser eyes, fiery flames, and epic battles are some of the things that will keep your young one entertained for hours on end. It is also very entertaining and can be used for many years without too many complications.

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