SWAK Sealed With A Kiss Keychain Review

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SWAK Sealed With A Kiss Keychain

SWAK Sealed With A Kiss Keychain Review -- WowWee really came through for all parents looking for the best gifts for teenage girls. This was via the launch of a revolutionary kiss keychain that makes it easier to get and give kisses. It presents a "MWAH" sound effect that spices things up. SWAK avails 12 unique removable keychains with different sounds. The designs range from:

  • Glimmer Kiss
  • Shimmer Kiss
  • Mermaid Kiss
  • Stellar Kiss
  • XO Kiss
  • Unicorn Sparkle Kiss
  • Tie-Dye Kiss
  • Tropical Kiss
  • Gold Kiss
  • Retro Kiss
  • The Prrrfect Kiss
  • Glitz "N" Glam Kiss
Kiss Keychain

You have the option to collect all 12 colorful lips. These act as gorgeous accessories teens can wear around the neck. Besides this, you can also hang the keychains from the bag.

Features of SWAK Sealed With A Kiss Keychain

Swak sealed with a kiss keychain is a striking product with loads of innovative features such as:

KissTech -- This is a one-of-a-kind sensor technology that will detect the owner's check giving them a kiss. The longer you place in on the cheek, the longer the kiss will last. - Collectible postcard and sticker -- the keychain does not want you to hog all the kisses. It makes it possible for teens to share the love thanks to the postcard and sticker that comes with the keychain. You can use this to sends kisses combined with personalized messages to the persons you love whether they are near or far.

SWAK keychain

Photomount -- SWAK keychains double up as photo mounts thanks to a small opening that is found at the top of the product. You can use this to beautifully display your favorite photo in your room. When you want it to serve this purpose, simply remove the keychain and use the lip-shaped feature.

Good Points

Different aspects make the SWAK keychain one of the best gifts for teenage girls. Some of the points that work to its favor include:

It has multiple uses- In addition to being a keychain, you can also use this as an accessory or a photo/card mount. 2. The product uses button cell batteries that last long. Replacing the batteries is a simple process that anyone can complete without any complications. Additionally, a battery saving mode of up to 5 minutes exists lengthening the battery life. 3. The keychain comes with an off and on button allowing you to use it without any sound when you prefer this option. 4. Affordable

Things to Consider

SWAK Sealed With A Kiss Keychain Review

There are very limited points in regards to the bad points of the SWAK keychain like:

You have to be very careful with the keychain if there are children under 3 years in the house. This is because they may be tempted to swallow the products causing choking. 2. The stamps that are available in the package cannot be used to send envelopes or mail because they are not authorized stamps.


Recommended for girls ages 5-15, you can never go wrong with the Swak sealed with a kiss keychain. They are fun toys that girls can collect, share, wear, or display. Your daughters will probably not want to put down the bedazzled smoothing lip-shaped toys.

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