Shopkins Lil\' Secrets Mini Playset Review

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Shopkins Lil' Secrets Mini Playset

Shopkins Lil' Secrets Mini Playset Review -- Shopkins toys always have excellent things in store for their fans. Currently, there are 6 playsets that kids can collect. One of them is the lil' secrets mini playset that unveils a bubbling beauty spa day. This will teach your child to enjoy the finer things at a tender age. (JK). Onto more serious matters, it engages your child in an electrifying manner where they have to crack a code in order to unlock the day spa. The set comes with party pop-ups invitations that the kids use to reveal the codes they need. Kids get a chance to interact with a Shopkin as they uncover the fun underwater world.

Features of Shopkins Lil' Secrets Mini Playset

As expected, Shopkins lil' secrets mini playset has been designed to intensify play time in a fascinating manner. Some of the features that make all of this possible include:

  • Loads of Hidden Surprises- Everything on this playset is not laid bare. There are plenty of surprises that lay ahead underneath the Jacuzzi and sea shells for the little ones. - A Small Shopkin and a Tiny Shoppie Bub-Lea- There is an option of either landing a Bubba Bathbomb or a Becky Beauty Basket after acquiring the playset.

Lil' Secrets playsets

  • Treasures- after getting the codes, users can hold their breath in anticipation of what they will find. The treasures include glitter, metallic, fluffy, and pearlescent locks. - Chance to Complete Party Pop Ups Collection- with this playset at hand, there is an opportunity to collect 5 more playsets to complete the party. These include a Princess Hair Salon, Lovely Hearts Garden Party, Peacock Gala, Genie's D'lisj Wish Café, and Fab Fairy Fashions.

Plus Points

Since inception, Shopkins toys have been producing top-range toys that children love and parents appreciate. There are plenty of good things to say about this mini playset including:

It offers numerous surprises that the young ones can delightfully explore. - The playset can be used by children as young as 5 years and as old as 15 years. - Shopkins provides a collector's guide as part of the package. This guides users on what they need to do to complete the collection. - The playset is not heavy weighing only 44 pounds. This implies that kids can take their new toy anywhere they want without too much trouble.

What To Have In Mind

Shopkins Lil' Secrets Mini Playset Review

Naturally, such high-quality products do not record too many bad points. Some of the unlikable aspects of this playset are:

All the Lil' Secrets playsets are separately sold; thus, you need to spend more money if your child is to have all 6. - The playset many not ship to all locations worldwide from a majority of the online stores.

Final Verdict

The Shopkins lil' secrets mini playset is one of the toys that proves great things come in tiny packages. At a glance, you cannot tell that it offers the owners loads of surprises and adventure opportunities. Its captivating features will grab and hold your child's attention offering them hours and hours of playtime. Surprise your child with this mini playset and be awarded loads of hugs, kisses, thank you, and I love you.

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