Peppa Pig Princess Castle Playset Review

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Peppa Pig Princess Castle Playset Review -- This holiday season, send your child off on a fun adventure with her favorite cartoon piggy with this Peppa Pig Princess Castle Playset. This toy features lots of accessories to make it a worthwhile investment for your children's playtime.

Peppa Pig Princess Castle

Princess Peppa and Princess Suzy Sheep are included to make the fairytale really come to life. Your child and a friend can each take a figure and play together with their imaginations creating wild stories of royalty.

Explore six rooms in the two-story castle playset. Help Peppa get ready for her day or put her to bed at night. Stickers along the interior wall of the castle further bring to life the royal setting for the two cartoon characters.

Eight accessories also come with the Peppa Pig Princess Castle Playset. These include:

Treasure Chest -- This sounds like a great idea for a fun treasure hunt for the two adventurous princesses! - Princess Bed -- Because young girls like Peppa and Suzy need their beauty sleep. - Full-Size Mirror -- Hey a princess needs to look her best, no matter what adventure she's on. - Throne -- Such an important piece of furniture in a castle playset. - Three Dining Chairs -- Perfect for Peppa and Suzy to have a guest over for a meal or just for tea. - Dining Table with Tea Set -- Goes with the chairs to create the perfect afternoon tea between Peppa and her sheep friend.

Peppa Pig Princess Castle Playset Review

Perhaps the best thing about the Peppa Pig Princess Castle Playset...there is no need for batteries! This toy is fully operated with your child's imagination. She will be the one to talk for Peppa, pour the tea for her and Suzy, and walk the figures around the castle during play.

When your child isn't playing with the Peppa Pig Princess Castle Playset, simply place all of the accessories inside the castle. The playset folds easily to keep all the loose pieces safe inside. A handle on the top of the castle makes it easy to put away after play.

Peppa Pig Princess Castle Playset works with other Peppa Pig figurines, so you can add even more entertainment to this royal toy.

Peppa's castle

Pair the Peppa Pig Once Upon a Time Pumpkin Carriage with the castle for a truly magical experience. Let Footman George drive Peppa and Suzy to the fancy ball!

Recommended for ages 2 and up, the Peppa Pig Princess Castle Playset is a safe toy for your littlest Peppa Pig fans to use their imagination and create beautiful stories of adventure with their friends.

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