Orangutwang Kids Game Review

Orangutwang Kids GameOrangutwang Kids Game Review – Bring some jungle action into your home through the fun Orangutwang game. Sometimes parents steer off board games for kids thinking that their young ones won’t be up for the challenge. Well, this one is different because it focusses on the fun element to keep your kids hooked. It’s settled, your child’s next gift should be this innovative game by PlayMonster.

Features Of The Organgutwang Game

The aim of the game is to see how long you can get the Orangutang to hang before he literally goes twang. It’s not as easy as it sounds, because there’s mounting suspense to see if he’ll make it through the vine. Players pile on loads of jungle friends and fruit for the Orangutang to carry. Watch out, he might cave under the pressure of the load at any time prompting him to jump up.

Players roll the included die to figure out which piece to hang, and it could be a banana bunch, a coconut, a bat or something else out of the 14 included game pieces. Each player gets to decide where to hang the load being mindful not to prompt the Orangutang to spring up.

No batteries are required, simply set up the pieces, including a base with two Palm trees, a toucan lever, and the vine to start the fun. A set of rules accompany the board game to bring everyone up to speed about the fun in store.

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Orangutwang Game

A Game That Everyone Can Get The Hang Of

The colorful board game for kids brings the right amount of fun that’s perfect for the whole family when spending some quality time together. It’s ideal for two or more players, and the more the merrier. The suspense is where the thrill comes from with this game, and also, the creatively trying to hang items on the Orangutang.

You only need the board game and some eager set of hands to play the game which is an added plus. Make it more fun and have everyone try to guess just how long the Oranutang can hang on the vine before leaping into the air.

It also doesn’t have to be a competitive game, work collaboratively to hang the pieces right so that the Orangutang. It’s fun to try and see him hang on long enough to make it to the other side of the vine.

Things to Consider When Getting This Board Game

The manufacturer recommends that it’s a fun game for kids ages four and up, but might not really grasp the concept all too well. They’ll probably want to load up the monkey with all the game pieces just to see it jump up.

Orangutwang Kids Game Review

The Final Verdict

Every family could use the wildly addictive Orangutwang game lined up for those fun gatherings with friends and family. Kids can literally play it for hours on end, just to see if they can hang all 14 items on the Orangutang before it goes twang. Whether a gift for the young ones or for the family, everyone could use such a great board game for kids at home.