Nerf Laser Ops Pro Review (DeltaBurst & AlphaPoint)

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Nerf Laser Ops Pro

Nerf Laser Ops Pro Review -- The Nerf Laser Ops Pro sets come with everything you need to face off head-to-head in some friendly battle action. There are two blaster designs to choose from; the Nerf Laser Ops Pro DeltaBurst and the Nerf Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint. They offer impressive hit detection and accuracy along with some cool sound effects.

Both blasters also connect to an accompanying free mobile app offering performance tracking and battle stats.

Features Of The Nerf Laser Ops Pro Blasters

It's natural that the Laser Ops Pro toys come laden with awesome features. For starters, the upgrade from Nerf's dart firing blasters to laser makes battles with friends less inhibited and you don't have to worry about finding every dart afterward. Some of their other cool features include:

The DeltaBurst blaster's dimensions are 2.6 by 27 by 10 inches while the Alphapoint is 2.6 by 12.1 by 8.6 inches. The AlphaPoint is markedly smaller and also lighter weighing 1.41 pounds while the DeltaBurst weighs 3 pounds. - With each trigger pull, the DeltaBurst fires multi-shot IR bursts while the AlphaPoint fires out single-shot IR bursts. They both register hits with sounds and lights. - A back-placed LCD screen displays details about ammo capacity and health status on the DeltaBurst blaster. On the AlphaPoint, light displays ammo capacity and health status. - Both blasters come with unlimited ammo as well as a quick-reload button that replenishes the supply. - They allow adjusting the environment with an indoor-outdoor switch and choose play mode including team face-off or free-for-all. - Both blasters also come with an armband for your smartphone allowing amplified play via the free Nerf laser Ops app. They also come with a solo attachment.

Nerf Laser Ops Pro: Alphapoint & Deltaburst

Plus Points

Now while the DeltaBurst is markedly the bigger of the two Nerf Laser Ops Pro blasters, they both use the same technology for detecting a hit and shooting. They also both use the same setup procedure and buttons during battle. Therefore, choosing one over the other is pretty much a matter of preference and gameplay can involve both blaster designs.

You could say that the most significant difference is that the DeltaBurst features an LCD display showing ammo and health information while the AlphaPoint relies on light displays to give the same information. The DeltaBurst also fires out three shots with each trigger pull while the Alphapoint only fires a single shot.

The fact that they use laser technology over darts means that you never have to reload darts and clean them up after games. There's also a minimal chance of hitting opponents with where you shouldn't.

Both blasters offer an impressive distance range and accuracy, and it does help that they offer both an indoor/outdoor mode as well as solo or team face-off modes.

Nerf Ops Laser Ops Pro

Things to Consider

The sound effects are cool but they cannot be turned off and may fall on the louder side.


The Nerf Ops Laser Ops Pro blasters are ideal for players ages 8 and up. It's definitely worth adding one or a couple of these blasters to your collection of family toys.

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