NERF Fortnite RL Super Soaker Water Blaster Review

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NERF Fortnite RL Super Soaker Water Blaster Review -- Inspired by Fortnite Battle Royale video game, NERF fortnite RL super soaker water blaster is a toy that your child will be obsessed with right from the start. The blaster imitates the colors and appearance of the remarkable rocket launcher in the game. It is great for outside play where your son or daughter will have the power to drench the opponents with a huge stream of water. It is one of the toys that get approval from both younger and older kids. Some adults who are into water games with their children do not have any qualms playing with this water blaster.

NERF Fortnite RL Super Soaker Water Blaster

Not Your Average Water Blaster

Fortnite nerf guns do no disappoint when it comes to their features and corresponding performance. Users appreciate the super soaker's ease of use, incredible pressure, and distance. This is not your average water blaster because it can hold 25 mm of water at a go. The users also love the fact that it is very easy to fill and fire. Have a bucket of water or any other source closely for re-fills. Pull back the handle to fill the tank and you are ready for war!

Push in the handle of the blaster any time you want to hit an opponent and a huge, powerful stream of water will immediately soak your opponent. Woe unto them if they do not have a quality blaster like yours. The super blaster is ideal for kids who are the above age 6.

The Good Points

There are very many positive things to write about the NERF fortnite RL super soaker water blaster including:

Stunning aesthetics- this is one of the most attractive blasters you will ever come across. The manufacturer creatively mixed different colors including green, orange, blue, and gray. 2. Can't break easily- The super soaker boasts of sturdy construction. When it is well-taken care of, your child may just pass it on to their kids 3. It is very easy to fill and fire- You will not need to keep going over the instructions. One time is enough to have the child running around using the blaster properly. 4. The water blaster is light in weight- at only 2 pounds, this will not give your kids any trouble as they run around playing with water especially in the hot seasons. 5. It comes with a manufacturer's warranty.

NERF Fortnite RL Super Soaker Water Blaster

Things to Consider

Like with other products out there, there are a few aspects that are not too pleasing about the product like:

The users have to constantly fill the super soaker with water if they want to "fight" their opponents. Larger water capacity is more ideal. 2. It is not all all-round toy- Not too many parents will be pleased with their children getting drenched during the winter.

Final Verdict

This super water blaster is a great addition to the Fortnite nerf guns collection. Your kids will be thoroughly pleased once you set this rocket launcher on their hands. It is just what the young ones need to spend more time outdoors running around playing with their siblings or friends getting some exercise in.

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