LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition Tablet Review

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LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition Tablet Review -- With technology being the way of the world these days, you owe it to your children to give the LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition Tablet an honest consideration as a holiday gift idea.

Epic Academy Edition Tablet

Developed specifically for young children ages 3-6, this learning tablet features full access to LeapFrog Academy. Their new subscription based service provides your child with hours of learning fun while improving their tech skills and abilities.

As your child plays with LeapFrog Academy, the service will recognize their strengths and areas where they need to improve. As they unlock levels, new games and activities will become available based on their skills. The additions will help them master subjects they may be struggling with.

Wifi isn't a requirement when your child is playing LeapFrog Academy. They can add up to 24 favorite games to the device, and play them whenever or wherever. This can save parents from the dreaded, "are we there yet?" every 10 minutes on a road trip!

LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition Tablet

Along with the LeapFrog Academy subscription, which you receive three months of for free with the tablet, the LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition Tablet also comes with many educational activities installed and ready to play. Games, apps, music, and movies are all at your child's disposal when they are playing with this device.

As an Android device, parents can also download additional content from the Google Play store. Locks can be set on these features until you feel your child is ready.

LeapFrog Academy

The web browser can also be switched off until you feel confident she can search the Internet alone. Even when you turn it on, the browser still allows you to set time limits so you child isn't spending too much time browsing the web.

Your child will feel they have a "grown up" tablet when they see the dual cameras they can use to take photo and video. The 16GB memory allows for the storage of hundreds of apps, photos, and other media.

LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition Tablet Review

Protection is a big concern for parents buying tech devices for their children. LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition Tablet comes with a removable bumper, which will protect the tablet from falls or drops.

The rechargeable battery means you don't have to spend extra money buying batteries that will be drained every few days with everything this device offers your child.

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