Hatchimals Glitering Garden Review

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Hatchimals Glitering Garden Review -- Last year, Hatchimals were a hot toy for the holiday season. All of the kids wanted one, and they were literally flying off the shelf. You couldn't find them in most stores, and eBay had listings for double the retail price for this toy.

Hatchimals Glitering Garden Review

So, it's really no surprise that this year's Hatchimals Glittering Garden would find it's way on the hot toy list for many retailers.

This interactive friend allows your children to hatch and raise their own pet, without the barking or hairballs or a real animal. From the beginning, your child is required to take care of their new toy pet and help it hatch from the egg.

Once your kiddo sees the rainbow eyes through the egg, it's time to assist the animal with coming out of its shell. Then, you can help it grow through three different stages -- baby, toddler, and kid. The Hatchimal will sing "Happy Birthday" each time it advances into a new stage.

Hatchimals Glitering Garden Review

As it grows, the Hatchimal will learn lots of new skills such as walking, dancing, and talking. Your child can also play games like "Hatchimal Says" with their new friend. There are so many different things these little guys can do, this is not one of those toys your kids will be bored with by New Year's Day!

While the toy pet entertains your child for hours, it also helps her to understand the importance of friendship, responsibility and compassion. The bond that can be formed between a child and her Hatchimal Glittering Garden pet is strong. It's not unlikely for your kiddo to LOVE her Hatchimal!

Within the Glittering Garden collection, there are two species of Hatchimals:

Hatchimals Shimmering Draggle

Hatchimals Shimmering Draggle -- A mix of a dragon and another mysterious creature, the Draggle is a fun-loving toy pet for your kids. The Draggle comes in greens, blues, or purples, and it's always a surprise what color yours will be until you help it hatch.

Hatchimals Sparkly Penguala

Hatchimals Sparkly Penguala -- This type is a combination of a penguin and a koala. It comes in two color schemes (pinks and purples), and you don't know which you will get until it has hatched from the egg. The Penguala is an adorable, caring creature that will capture your child's heart before it even makes it out of the shell.

Hatchimals Glittering Garden toys

Hatchimals Glittering Garden toys are made for children ages 5 years old and up. The toy requires 2 AA batteries, which come included with the animal when you purchase it.

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