Why My Kids Love Grumblies (Toy Review)

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In my opinion, Grumblies are one of the funnest toys in 2023 (my son owns all four of them).

It could be because of the mystery that surrounds them -- after all, they live secretly hidden from mankind. However, these grumpy toys are mischievous and short-tempered, and a band of them create supernatural chaos including volcanoes and earthquakes.

There's four of them to collect (increasing the chances of creating colossal chaos), including:

  • Scorch
  • Bolt
  • Tremor
  • Hydro

Features Of The Grumblies Toys

The four Pomsies Grumblies each come with a unique design and personality. There's the blue Hydro who loves the water and might just stir up a Tsunami when riding the waves. Tremor the mean green machine can shake up boulders to cause a quake.

Scorch is red and mean, and he can create volcanic rings of fire with intensity levels soaring higher the more he becomes agitated. Lastly, there's Bolt the purple Grumblies toy who shoots out electric bursts into the air.

They are each capable of reacting in 40 different ways and producing custom sounds to go along with their tumultuous mood.

Pomsies Grumblies

Plus Points

These toys don't need nurturing and you are by all means encouraged to poke, roll, shake, and tilt them. The goal is to mess with them to the point of getting them past angry to their meltdown down mode.

It makes them the perfect toys for both little boys and girls who want something they can mess around with. They can take quite the beating including dropping them on their head and punching them, and afterward, they still work perfectly fine.

Everyone can get a kick out of the Grumblies making them the perfect stress relievers. Their size makes them quite suitable for younger kids but their cool factor also makes them ideal for the older ones. Also, a few adults have admitted that they are embarrassed that they find these the Grumblies addictively hilarious.

They are more or less interactive toys with the capability of reacting and producing custom sounds. Out of the sounds they produce includes growls, burps, and farts. Their volume level is not insanely loud which is another plus.

Also, the reason why these toys keep appearing on several hottest toys 2023 lists is that they promise to be a best-seller, and they could possibly sell out before the holiday season.

Grumblies Toys

Things to Consider

Grumblies are already getting hard to come by, so it's a good one to buy now in case they stop making them.

Grumblies do say quite a few phrases, but for the younger kids, it would be better if they spoke more of them.

They aren't also that well padded and of a child throws them and it lands on someone it could give them a shiner.

The Pomsies Grumblies have already created a buzz and they are easily the must-have toy for 2023. The fact that they transcend age and anyone can get a good kick out of them makes them the perfect gift for just about anyone. As a savvy shopper, you should definitely grab a Grumblies toy before they sell out unexpectedly before the holiday season.

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