Fingerlings Untamed Dragon Review

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Fingerlings Untamed Dragon

Fingerlings Untamed Dragon Review -- The Fingerlings Untamed Dragon is a dragon toy that makes for a good companion or playmate for any child who loves dragons or dinosaurs. Wrapped around a child's finger, it serves as a person 'pet' for kids who unfortunately can't keep live animal companions or miss their beloved friends when they away from home; this toy is a joy for kids during road trips, flights and when stuck in bed. The fingerling dragon is sure to bring lots of ferocious fun for any young one above five years old.

Features of the Fingerling Untamed Dragon

The Fingerling Untamed Dragon comes in four variations: Shockwave, Freezer, Wildfire, and Venom. Each of these variants has its own unique color and makes a unique sound, presenting a variety of colors and roars for the different tastes of kids. Each dragon has its own signature mouth light-up LED; for example, the Wildfire dragon has a red light-emitting diode that makes its mouth glow when angry.

The fingerling dragons react to touch, sound and movement, e.g. petting their heads, tapping their noses, hanging them upside down and cradling them. They respond by lighting up, moving their eyes, turning their heads and making different sounds or roars. Their activation points are their noses and the top of their heads. The dragon is 'untamed' since it can be used as a friend or a foe, presenting a role-playing option.

Untamed Dragon

Each dragon comes with a free application that can be used to vary the responses of the toy dragon depending on its surroundings. Once the App is installed, a picture of the dragon is taken and a video recording of the surroundings is done. The sounds made by the kid can also be used to elicit different roars from the dragon.

Good Points

The dragon is self-contained and thus does not come with many accessories. - It is unbelievably cute and has a cool factor, ensuring kids will enjoy playing with the untamed dragon. - The dragon is easy to play with as it responds to different inputs -- touching, motion, sounds, and surroundings. - The untamed dragon toys come in a variety of colors and roars that kids can choose from. - The toy can be played with as a friend or a foe and is therefore suited to different forms of role-playing.

Things to Consider

The accompanying App for the toy may be considered invasive to one's privacy as it requires access to one's location, microphone to record sound, and camera to record sounds and video

Fingerlings Untamed Dragon Review

Some of the sounds made by the toy can be viewed as too ferocious for children - The sounds made by the toy dragon can be monotonous and therefore the excitement of kids to play with the toy may wear off with time

Final Verdict

The Fingerling Untamed Dragon makes the perfect partner in crime for kids with its variety of ferocious roars. With the various ways of interacting with the dragon including touching and movement, kids will love the different reactions the dragon makes. The entire collection of the fingerling dragons is sure to make playtime for any kid an absolute treat!

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