Fingerlings Light Up Narwhal Review

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Fingerlings Light Up Narwhal

Fingerlings Light Up Narwhal Review -- The Fingerlings Light up Narwhal is one of the toys you would want to carry around. It responds to motion, touch and blinks its eyes and flaps its tail while making wildly hilarious noises. It is so adorable and fun to play with because it offers kisses and its horn lights up in different colors. The interactiveness makes these toys absolutely cute and intriguing to kids compared to other finger puppets. While interacting with the Fingerlings toy, it produces interesting sounds like burping, cooing, farting, giggling and bubble-like noise as a show of its "feelings" which is made possible with the installed motion sensor. It also doesn't hurt that the Fingerlings toys are essentially ageless and anyone can get a good laugh out of them.

Features of The Fingerlings Light Up Narwhal

The Fingerlings Light up Narwhal comes in four themes and shades including Nori in blue, Nellie in purple, Nikki in turquoise and Rachel in pink. They are each sold separately providing an opportunity to collect them all. With their magic motion sensors, they yield different reactions when tapped and their special mood horns light up in different colors too while they adorably roll their eyes. They are also equipped with a kiss tech around the mouth area to offer much-needed magical kisses. When you long press it against your cheek, it produces a long and loud kiss. How cool!

It fits nicely in your finger and when you pet your furry little friend, the Fingerlings Narwhal flaps its tail while blinking as a way of communicating its feelings. With the help of the kiss tech, when you blow them a kiss, the fingerlings offer one right back. But hold your horse, because sometimes your cunning companion might offer a sneeze instead. They also react to sudden loud sounds in different ways depending on their particular position.

They run on four LR batteries that come already installed and an instruction manual in different languages guides you on how to make the most out of the toy.

Fingerlings are amongst the best toys in 2019 because they are a hit to both adults and kids. They give you a nice feeling when giving you a kiss with eyes closed and its tail lighting up concurrently. Who wouldn't want to have such a cool toy for fun!


They are filled with new activations that will excite the kids. - They are small enough to travel with. - Their designs are beautiful and adorable. - They come in varied grip sizes.

Worth Considering

Even though the Fingerlings cannot operate underwater despite the sea unicorn design, the fun isn't any less while interacting with them. One of the other shortcoming which shouldn't be a problem if the toy is meant for kids is the fact that the finger hole is tight so fitting bigger fingers would be troublesome.

Fingerlings Light Up Narwhal Review


The Fingerlings Light up Narwhal toys are tonnes of fun and easy to move around with and the interesting sounds they produce are bound to get you cracking up. Luckily, fingerlings are not only meant for kids but adult too can have the best moments interacting with them. So in case you're bored just wrap this little friend around your finger and it will lighten up your moods as you carry on with your actives.

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