Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey Review

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Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey Review -- Sometimes you just come across cute toys you know your kids will love. The Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey is one of those toys. They are too adorable to pass up this holiday season!

Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey

These tiny monkeys like to latch onto your finger, and they never want to let go. This is a great way to keep fun close at hand, for sure! Fingerlings are full of love and mischief. They just want some love and attention from your kids to be happy.

Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey reacts to your child's motions and sounds. They make the cutest monkey sounds that your kids will want to hear again and again. They even make some not-so-cute noises, such as a burp. Kids are sure to get a kick out of the variety of interactions with their Fingerlings.

Over 40 animations and sounds effects are programmed into each Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey. Not only are they ready to cling to your finger, they also make kissing sounds, speak in monkey babble, open and close their eyes, and hang by their tail.

six Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkeys

There's always something fun to uncover when you are playing with your Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey. Swing him from your finger while he's upside down hanging by his tail to see his reaction.

Petting your Fingerlings will make him super happy. You'll hear some cooing sounds with all that attention. When it's time for baby to sleep, gently rock him in your hands and watch him drift off.


This little guy will become a true friend...never leaving your finger during the day. And your finger isn't the only thing his monkey can hang onto. You can also attach him to your backpack, lamp, purse, and more.

There are six Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkeys to choose from. Each is a different color and has a different name and personality! There are boys and girls options, so everyone can choose their new monkey friend and get in on the fun.

Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey Review

Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkeys make a great stocking stuffer, especially at their inexpensive price point. You can collect all six babies to really experience the fun of having a pet monkey on your finger.

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