The Coolest Toys for Christmas 2018 to 2019

Coolest Toys for Christmas 2018 to 2019

The professional Christmas toys shopper knows that the best time to start shopping is right about now. That way, you are sure to get your hands on the trending toys 2019. Let’s get right into our compilation of the coolest toys 2019 list that you should grab up way ahead of Christmas.

#1 Pai Technology Circuit Conductor

Pai Technology Circuit Conductor

The Pai Technology Circuit Conductor fuses fun and learning. It’s an electricity learning kit featuring blocks and insulated magnetic wires. The package works in hand with the Pai Technology app offering tutorials for learning progression. It teaches kids how to build basic set up all the way to parallel circuits. The function blocks light up, create sounds, and they are even motorized. Completed projects are scannable using the app allowing kids to see how electricity flows in real time.

  • Recommended Age: 4+

#2 EggMazing


Who said that one holiday’s toys can’t make great gifts for another? The EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator kit provides eight colorful markers allowing kids to come up with endless creative designs. Naturally, the set comes handy to decorate Easter eggs, but it can also prove helpful when making those much-needed Christmas DIY crafts. Four AA batteries power the decorator kit which spins and holds the decorated eggs.

  • Recommended Age: 3+

#3 3Doodler Create+

3Doodler Create+

3D technology is the future of printing, and the 3Doodler Create+ allows you to own a piece of the action. The versatile printing tool will enable kids aged 14 and above to come up with art, build models, design wearables, decorate their spaces, fix things and just play. It’s compatible with 3Doodler non-toxic ABS and Flexy plastics.

  • Recommended Age: 14+

#4 Mecard Figure (Crocky, Dokory, Evan, Kangshi, Mugan, Phoenix, Shuma, Vernoma, Wingok)

Mecard Figure

The Mercadimals fan could use one or all thirty Mercard figures to play out head-to-head competitions. Each of the deluxe Mercadimal characters comes accompanied with three playing cards. Pushing the figure over the magnetic game card transforms it into a battling warrior instantly. Each of the Mercadimals also has a specific faction color which you can reveal by pilling off its sticker.

  • Recommended Age: 6+

#5 ORB Molecules (Merkitty, Caticorn, Dragasaur, Octobeast, Pupperfly, Bugeleon)

ORB Molecules

The ORB Molecules are a creation compound with unique and unlimited connection points. They allow for the creation of an endless number of combinations, and the ORB Molecules never dry out making them reusable over and over again. The ORB Factory kit comes in  a selection of variations including Merkitty, Caticorn, Dragausar, Octobeast, Pupperfly, and Bugeleon.

  • Recommended Age: 5+

#6 Spicebox Books 4D Chemistry Augmented Reality Science Kit

4D Chemistry & 4D Science Augmented Reality Kit

The budding scientist will absolutely love the Spicebox Books 4D Chemistry and Science Augmented Reality Kit. The 30-page book outlines 10 immersive chemistry/science projects with step by step instructions as well as detailed illustrations to transform them into augmented reality. The kit also comes with hands-free goggles, a magnifying glass, test tubes, and the complete set of materials needed for the experiments. It works in hand with the app which activates the virtual professor to guide kids through the experiments.

  • Recommended Age: 8+

#7 Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set

You won’t come across a Christmas toy 2019 list without a Hot Wheels set, and ours has one too! Rev up your child’s imagination with the creative-filled Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track set. Hot Wheels emphasizes performance through push-around play. It tests kids skills with 3 crash zones offering boosted crashing and smashing. The set comes with an enormous corkscrew track complete with 3 loops, 3 motorized boosters, and a Hot Wheels die-cast car. It’s compatible with other Hot Wheels sets making it possible to join up older tracks and increase the fun.

  • Recommended Age: 5+

#8 Flush Force

Flush Force

Little kids will enjoy collecting the gross-out Flushies presented in a bizarre 8-pack bathroom set. It comes with two clogged up toilets filled with a bunch of surprises. Filling the toilet’s tank uncovers the icky mysteries including squishy Squirmin Vermin, un-flushable Putrid parts, or color-changing Grimy Grubs. With 150 Flushies characters to collect, the set comes with a collector guide and instruction sheet detailing how to make the most out of the Flushville mutants.

  • Recommended Age: 4+

#9 Ravensburger Gravitrax Marble Run

Ravensburger Gravitrax Marble Run

The STEM toy is an ideal holiday gift for the curious child aged 8 and up. The innovative and interactive marble run track system lets kids design then build personalized race tracks. They also get to develop critical skills while experimenting with kinetics, gravity, and magnetism when propelling the ball to the finish line. The set comes with 4 base plates, 6 balls, 12 small-height tiles, 2 transparent levels, 40 large-height tiles, 21 curves, 2 switches, one 3-in-1 block, 3 junctions, a launch pad, a magnetic canon and several other pieces that enable your child to create an epic track system out of their imagination.

  • Recommended Age: 8+

#10 HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena

HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena

The robot fan will go crazy over the HEXBUG miniature soccer arena which is modeled after a real-life stadium. The package includes 2 remote controlled HEXBUG robotic soccer singles, 6 interchangeable tops, 3 sticker sheets, 2 soccer balls, and a fold-out game board. It’s a basic soccer game that involves scoring as many goals against the opponent to win. This is one of those toys that everyone can take part in to enjoy a competitive game.

  • Recommended Age: 8+

#11 MorfBoard Skate & Scooter Combo Set

MorfBoard Skate & Scooter Combo Set

Get the MorfBoard Skate for the active, outdoors lover, and it’s one of those gifts that your child can use for quite a long time. The advanced MorfBoard functions as a combo scooter and skate. It features a Lock and Release Technology to transform the deck in an instant. The discs feature a flex trigger system that enables 90-degree turns when locking and unlocking. It’s an ideal option for kids aged 8 and up, and it comes with a board, a skate extension, and a scoot extension.

  • Recommended Age: 8+

These carefully selected Christmas toys 2019 list should point you in the right direction when getting your gifts shopping started. The great thing about the 11 toys is the fact that they are not season-based and would work for just about any occasion that calls for gift giving. Regardless, that little kid who will find any of these trending toys 2019 tucked beneath the Christmas tree this year will be one happy child.