Buttheads Fart Launcher Review

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Buttheads Fart Launcher

Buttheads Fart Launcher Review -- The Buttheads Fart Launcher is the perfect gift to pull a hilarious prank on family and friends. You would think that a toy that comes with butts for heads would be wildly offensive, but it's all in good fun and kids absolutely love them. Not only kids, but adults can also get a kick out of them too. If you are shopping for a gift that guarantees lots of fun for your five-year-old or teen, get them one of the Buttheads toys.

Features Of The Buttheads Toys

There are four different buttheads that complete the gang who simply love to let it rip for the fun of it. Tushi (Ninja), The Grim Reaper, Brainfart (Zombie), and Robutt (Robot) make up the gang. They each come with a special, signature fart sound, for instance, Ninja rips out some Samurai-inspired fart sounds. Each individual Butthead also comes aptly clad to reflect their specific characters making them adorable collectibles.

Four Different Buttheads

Set the timer (up to 5 minutes) and stash the toy somewhere to prank your family and friends. There's nothing that beats the sweet sounds of the Buttheads pranks. You can even set the pitch to low or high by pulling the toy's finger. Each of the Buttheads can produce more than 20 sounds.

Each individual Buttheads fart launcher also comes packaged with a special character card. Just scratch on the name displayed at the very top of the card to unleash a unique smelly surprise.

Cheek-to-Cheek Battles

Buttheads toys

Brace yourself for some good laughs with the Buttheads toys because they simply don't get old. For one, they are essentially age-less toys making them a hit with five-year-olds or fifteen-year-old teens. If you are in the market for a great gag gift for that adult who could use a smile, then a Buttheads will do the trick.

Each of the Buttheads come with batteries ready to set up and let it rip! While the characters are sold separately, it provides an opportunity to collect all four for added fun. They also make the perfect toys to play a round of rock, paper, scissors. In the case of Buttheads, just shake them up and wait for the widely offensive yet hilarious rips they'll make in battle mode.

It also doesn't hurt that they come sturdily built giving the guarantee that they can last through countless laughs.

Worth Noting

Buttheads Fart Launcher

It isn't disputable that the Buttheads fart launcher can provide tons of fun for the family who enjoys some potty humor. A few of the products might have a battery connection issue, requiring removal and reinstallation to get the toy to work. It might be an isolated case with a few of the toys, and not the hugest deal breaker if you can return it for an exchange.

The Final Verdict

Without a doubt, everyone can get a good laugh from these figurine-like toys. The fact that it's a somewhat age-less toy that can also make a great gag gift is a plus. Get one or collect all the Buttheads toys for the butt obsessed kid you know.

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