Boxer Interactive AI Robot Toy Review (Blue & Black)

Boxer Interactive AI Robot ToyBoxer AI Robot Toy Review – Boxer AI robot will be a dream come true for your kids. The fun starts right after it is unpacked from the box because there is no assembly needed. The plucky little bot will spring right into action after placing one of the activity cards that it comes with. He will roll over the card before scanning it and then the fun can start.

The product allows young ones to play games such as Go Kart, Paddle Bot, and Bot Bowling. There is also an option of making use of the ball accessory for the ones who want to engage in a quick soccer game.

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Features of Boxer A. I. Robot

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A.I. has a quirky personality that brings out his best and worst sides. There are times when he is happy, grumpy, sleepy, or sad. There are plenty of ways that children can interact with this toy. Among them is using the remote control to make Boxer do tricks or race.You can download its app at no costs to discover new ways to play with the toy. The bot will interestingly respond to hand movements as it interacts with the kids in funny silly ways. Recommended for ages 6-8, other features that the owners can play around with include:

  • An internal rechargeable battery
  • Numerous IR sensors
  • Multiple exceptional tech features
  • 10 game cards

Boxer AI Robot

The Good Points

It is possible to write an entire book when describing the good side of this small bot that ends up delivering huge fun. Some that you should be aware of include:

  • Boxer expresses a wide range of emotions and can be used to play different games.
  • There is no need to keep changing batteries all the time because it comes with a rechargeable battery. When he runs out of charge, use the charging cable to fully charge the bot and have him raring again.
  • Speedy balancing motors and multidirectional infrared sensing allows him to perform some of the most amazing tricks. He takes kids through incredible adventures allowing them to have the utmost fun.
  • It can be used for endless one-on-one play because Boxer responds to hands movement following the user’s every move. It is something that can make your child’s life brighten up thanks to these real-life reactions.
  • The toy has electrifying dance moves and head nodding tunes that entertain children for extended periods.

Boxer Interactive AI Robot

Things to Consider

Parents may be forced to download the app so that their young ones can exploit new ways of paying with Boxer.

Final Verdict

The lovable robot is a must have for your child’s collection of top-notch interactive toys. There is no stress of assembling because it comes ready to use. It can easily become your kids’favorite toy because of all the things that he or she can do with it. Hilarious sounds and expressions and life-like responses are just a snippet of what will make your child fall in love with Boxer. You are bound to receive more “hugs” and “thank-yous” than expected for introducing your children to their new robotic pal.