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Botley the Coding Robot Review -- Introduce your kids to basic programming by letting them play with Botley the coding robot. He will have your precious little ones coding within no time in a fun and easy way. You can get this for children as young as five, and they will grow with it for years to come.

The robot offers screen-free coding where users do not need a tablet or smartphone. This also implies that it does not need any type of software or app. The latest addition to the Learning Resources family is a very interactive toy. He can detect objects and move around them, navigate obstacle courses, follow loop commands, and black lines as well. These are essential coding principles. The cute and friendly robot excites both young boys and girls.

Features of Botley the Coding Robot

The coding robot is one of the stem toys that will help your children enhance their STEM skills as they play and have a good time. It has numerous advanced features that will grow the user's coding skills. The robot says hi and makes beautiful noises that kids go crazy for. You can code it up to 120 steps. Other features of the toy that helps to promote problem-solving skills and critical thinking such as:

  • Detachable robot arms - A kid-sized remote programmer - 40 Coding cards that are beneficial when it comes to planning out programs - 6 double-sided tiles that the robot uses to ride over - 27 obstacle building pieces to place on Botley's path like plastic blocks and traffic cones - Starter guide with coding challenges
Botley the Coding Robot

The Good Points

There are tons of great things to say about this amazing little robot such as:

Botley is ready to use right out of the box and does not require any screens.This is perfect for parents who want their young ones to spend less time on with their PCs, TVs, and tablets. - It comes with a 77 piece activity set presenting the tools that your child needs to develop the mindset of becoming a programmer. - The robot has a remote programmer that is easy to use transmitting the kids' commands instantly. - The educative toy can be used for many years and the child will never get bored. - Botley is designed to entertain, challenge, delight, and teach kids while at the same time developing critical skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and fostering creativity.

Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

Things to Consider

One of the things that may not be too attractive about the robot is the fact that it is not chargeable. You will have to keep on buying disposable batteries so that it can function as it is supposed to.

Final Verdict

Botley the award-winning coding robot features on the list of top robots 2018 by merit. It does not only exist to help users have loads of fun, but children end up learning a lot as they play and interact with the Robot. Gift your child with endless fun and activities and you will soon find out that they will have a hard time getting separated from the enticing and colorful robot.

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