Baby Born Surprise Doll Review

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Baby Born Surprise Doll

Baby Born Surprise Doll Review -- Just when you think there can be no more inventions in the doll industry, MGA Entertainment introduces the baby born surprise doll. This has got to be the most adorable little bundle of joy that you can gift your little one. To be honest, you might even be tempted to keep the newborn baby for yourself. It is a collectible piece allowing kids all over the globe to be in possession of numerous delightful babies, color changing diapers, tiny water bottles, and beautiful blankets.

The Perfect Companion To Care For

There are plenty of features to enjoy with this doll that makes it on the list of the best surprise toys 2019. Some of these include:

  • Real Doll Swaddles-- when you first get this doll, it is perfectly swaddled in real fabric. You get the pleasure of unwrapping this to get your hands on the tiny little doll that will immediately melt your heart. - Different Eye Colors-- Another unique aspect of this surprise doll is the fact that the color of its eyes is a surprise. After purchase, the doll will appear to be asleep. To wake it up and reveal the color of its eyes, you will need a damp cloth to wipe the eyes and see their hue.
Baby Born Surprise Collectible Baby Dolls with Color Change Diaper
  • Attractive Diaper Patterns-- Your doll will come with a little feeding bottle that you will use to give it water. After drinking the water, it will pee prompting you to change its diapers. This pee is "magical" as it will show you a cute diaper pattern. - Birth Certificate-- The proud parents of the doll get a birth certificate where you can fill its details for keepsake. - Surprise Games-- After you are through with the surprises, you can use the collectors' guide to determine your doll's birthday, name, and favorite food, etc.

Start A Collectible Collection

The baby born surprise doll is undoubtedly one of the toys that should rank high up on your gifts list this year.

Baby Born Surprise Collectible Baby Dolls
  1. It allows collectability 2. The doll's package comes with plenty of fun surprises 3. The delightful new born's head, legs, and arms can move to allow it to lay down or sit up. 4. The doll does not need any batteries to operate. This saves you money and headache of having to charge or replace batteries all the time. 5. The new baby doll comes with different water surprises that your child will love exploring.

Things to Consider...

There is not too much to say in regards to what could be a dealbreaker when buying this doll. Some of the things you may want to consider include±:

  1. The doll's pack states that the toy comes with more than ten surprises. This is a bit misleading because the accessories are not 10 in number. 2. The water you feed the baby can also be a little messy
Baby Born Surprise Doll Review

The Verdict

It comes as no surprise that this newborn doll is among the best surprise toys 2019. Ideal for ages 3+ this is a doll that will have your child beaming with joy the second they get their hands on it. All the features, surprises, and games the doll presents make the toy a worthwhile purchase that your little one will value for a long time.

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