Why We Love Artie 3000 Coding Drawing Robot (Review)

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Artie 3000 Coding Drawing Robot

The Artie 3000 Robot is the perfect gift to help kids learn how to code.

This is the ideal solution for parents who want to treat their kids to a new toy that doubles as an educational tool.

Best yet, it's an appropriate gift for all occasions whether birthdays or the holidays, explaining why it features on just about every best robot toys 2023 lists.

Features of the Artie 3000 Robot

Artie is a Wifi-enabled robot that comes loaded up with visual programming software.

A quick start guide and three activity cards are part of the package.

The robot aims at teaching kids how to create basic and fun coding operations.

It also comes bundled up with preprogrammed designs, shapes, and games.

However, the fun lies in letting your child's creativity run wild by coming up with their own custom code creations.

Artie then picks it up and draws some lines using the four colorful markers included.

Artie 3000

The robot also comes with an in-built Wifi server enabling connectivity to computers and tablets.

The robot responds to the blocks that are dragged and dropped, through the computer/tablet user interface, to figure out what to draw.

Artie is also a remote-controlled robot capable of achieving 360-degree movement.

Introduce kids to coding

The Artie 3000 robot introduces kids with no prior coding experience to critical tech skills.

The presets in the app are particularly helpful for the younger kids who are just getting started with coding.

The way it works is coming up with creations on built-in apps and then setting Artie on a piece of paper to watch him draw the artistic designs.

The simulator proves quite helpful by adjusting the drawings as needed.

Artie 3000 Robot

There are also various layers of coding options to enable older kids to get as creative as they want.

Artie is also durably built to withstand a decent amount of abuse expected from the younger children.

Artie weights 15.8 ounces and measures 7 by 5 by 8 inches.

What you should know

While the manufacturer recommends Artie as an ideal toy for kids age 7 to 12, the younger ones often have trouble with it and need more supervision.

The younger kids might also have problems navigating the user-controls on the apps and they might in general not fully grasp the essence of the coding toy.

Also, not the biggest of deal breakers, while the robot draws on pieces of papers that you lay down, it's best to tape them down to get straighter lines.

Artie 3000 Coding Drawing Robot

Artie requires four AA batteries to power up which are not included with the package.

We love the Artie 3000

The educational robot injects some much-needed fun into the learning process, which sparks your child's curiosity about coding.

You will have to set it up and some assembly is required, but it isn't anything that you can't handle.

It's best to work on it with the younger 7-year-olds who might not grasp how it works off the bat.

All in all, this is a fun toy that your child can grow with while learning the valuable intricacies of coding.

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