American Girl Gabriela McBride Doll Review

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American Girl Gabriela McBride Doll Review -- The American Girl Gabriela McBride Doll is one of the newest releases from the popular doll maker. This time, the doll is all about change and helping others find their creative voices, and she has been nominated as the "American Girl of 2017".

American Girl Gabriela McBride Doll

American Girl has been releasing toys since 1986, and they have become one of the more popular doll makers. Many of their dolls represent minorities and people in history. The dolls come with a companion book that tells the story of the character behind the toy, told in her point of view.

The American Girl Gabriela McBride Doll is no exception. A young girl from Philadelphia, Gabriela's story is told in a three-book series, which is published by Scholastic -- only one of the best children's book publishers in the US.

The doll comes with the first book in the series, aptly titled "Gabriela." Growing up in a family full of artists, Gabriela finds her passion in poetry. She struggles with stuttering, but discovers that with poems she is able to speak freely without embarrassment.

Gabriela's PJs for 18-inch Dolls

She also goes on to help her community arts center that is being torn down. With the American Girl Gabriela McBride Doll, children ages 9-12 can see that they can make a change in the world. All they need is the desire and drive to do something!

Not only will your child be exposed to a unique personality and creative friend, they will be encouraged to read and learn more about their peers. The idea is this first book will create the need to read the other two in the series. This may even develop into a love of reading!

Gabriela's Accessories

Gabriela McBride also comes wearing a unique outfit to display her creative talents. She is the first African American doll to win the American Girl of the Year title. The 18-inch doll features curly hair that can be styled by children.

Accessories made just for the American Girl Gabriela McBride Doll include a boom box bag, dance outfits, headphones, a microphone, and a dance barre. You can really bring this young girl's story to life with the doll and the items that are made specifically for it.

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